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Arrivelo productions

Our company began in 2005 in the audiovisual world in Latin America, managing the acquisition of content for the small screen such as soap operas, entertainment programs, contests … for its commercialization in Spain.

We consolidated ourselves as Arrivelo Producciones by creating a partnership with the successful lawyer and writer Ulises Bértolo.

We have recently gone a step further by collaborating with Spanish and foreign production studios with more than 15 years of experience in the sector and with numerous successes in national and international television and film series. We have also entered into agreements with world-renowned and prestigious professionals in the field of film music production.


    The Lady from the North

    It is the story of the woman who led the drug trafficking market in Spain and who was convicted for one of the largest coca cache seized in the well-known “Temple” operation. The lawyer and writer, Ulises Bértolo, brings us closer to the enigmatic Ana Garrido, alias “The Lady from the North”, so respected by the traffickers of the 90s, as unknown to the general public.


    Story based on real events about a Galician adolescent hacker who with only 15 years of age and from the room of a humble apartment in a town in Galicia was able to enter the deepest secrets of the President of the United States. Arrested in a macro operation by Interpol and morally condemned by the neighbors of his town, both he and his family. Even today they do not know that he became a good hacker of international success, recognized by the State security forces and requested by the large international multinationals.


    Ulises Bértolo was born in Madrid in 1967, and has lived between Madrid, Tenerife, the United States and Galicia. At present he has his residence in Santiago de Compostela. Lawyer and professor of Law, he dedicates part of his time to collaborate in non-profit sports and cultural promotion projects.

    The works that have catapulted him into the literary world are:


    Ignacio Pascal, a musicologist living in Paris, is unaware that he is risking his life the moment he decides to investigate a pianist, Jean Vanier, whose trail has been lost in time.
    When he finds him confined in a monastery in Galicia, he begins an unsuspected adventure not without its dangers.

    ORTHODOXIA, 2016

    It is a fast-paced story about the megalomania of certain religious ambitions and the value of the commitment to defend a belief through the centuries. But above all it is an invitation to distance oneself from literal readings of reality and open up to new points of view. The prize for giving up certain convictions may be finding a secret lost in the nebula of times.