Mobile Hospitals

We represent and distribute the leading mobile hospital and field hospital company for Latin America and Africa.

We have a network of our own workshops and franchisees for the maintenance of these hospitals.

Our mobile health units adjust to the needs of any health project, allowing you to design tailored actions for different population segments, regardless of the geographical areas in which they are located.

Tent Field Hospitals

When time and security are pressing, our company will be there to meet your logistics needs. Our field solutions can be both in tent and module, turnkey with all the necessary medical equipment to act once installed.

  • Rapid deployment field hospitals on trailer or aerial platform.
  • Excellent alternative when required deployments are high speed in hard to reach places
  • Transportable by plane or helicopter on 5 aerial platforms or on trailers. With a lightweight design and compact equipment to reduce assembly time.
  • The electric generator and the air conditioner are integrated into an adapted platform.

Hospital Ships

The development of this project allows to have an appropriate hospital ship to support the civil population living on the coasts / rivers and also to support them in situations of pandemic, natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc. Therefore, the facilities that allow the medical attention required in these types of scenarios will be delivered. This medical assistance can range from mass vaccination, through preventive medicine, outpatient consultations, consultations with patients who must be hospitalized, trauma, etc., to cases of surgery.

The following design criteria will be defined:

  • Comfortable and safe accommodation for 10 crew members and 8 patients.
  • Reduced draft for sailing in shallow waters due to its catamaran-like design.
  • Ability to provide daily medical care, including surgery, ICU and X-rays, along with blood tests and other laboratory support.
  • In the case of a massive vaccination campaign, it could be readapted to carry out the vaccination due to its large laboratory and pharmacy that could preserve the temperature of the vaccines and could have several boxes of injections, with the necessary personnel to help prevent infections.
  • In the event of a severe natural catastrophe, medical facilities could easily be adapted to perform emergency services.

Particular attention will be paid to the safety of the ship itself, from the general arrangement and separation into compartments to the launching and recovery of rescue vessels. Other design criteria will be maneuverability and low noise levels.

The key objectives will be the ease of access and evacuation in all rescue operations and a design of the distribution of the interior functional spaces that allow to treat the victims of accidents at sea or other types of patients in the most efficient way.

It will be able to supply power, aid, dewatering, provide evacuation and medical assistance in the event of disasters on platforms installed offshore. Patient access to and from the ship can be done by helicopter – upper winch area – or by a specialized rescue boat launch system.

Hospital facilities offer most emergency services, such as operating room, X-ray, intensive care unit, laboratory, and pharmacy.